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African Queen
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South Devon

Booking Diary,Gift certificate and Payment Page


Click the Month you would like to come, see what Dates we have free, if the Date you require is free, please give us a ring. You can email me, but as we live onboard I am not able to access the internet every day. I keep the Diary as up to date as time will allow, you can see the date I last updated the diary above the Monthly boxes below, the diary can only be a guide as the phone is always ringing and I have no Instant way of updating it. It is there more for long term weekend bookings. So ring us to make sure that the date is still free so you won't be disappointed. I have tried to give an Idea of what fishing we might be doing during the course of a Month, but obviously this is all subject to the winds, weather, trawlers and the natural movements of the fish. Rest assured if we don't catch well, it won't be for the want of trying on our part.
For quick reference the following colours are used on the individual Diary pages to represent the following:

The Days are Fully Booked.

We have Spaces Available for All Day trips, 8/10 hours.

Half Day Bookings, normally 9am-1pm then 2pm -6pm.


Days are free

We run evening Bass fishing trips in the Summer Months if we have enough people to make a trip viable, (6 persons minimum) These are normally booked at short notice so will not be advertised on the Diary pages. So, if you fancy a trip after work give us a call.

2024 Booking Diary



Phone first! - Don't assume. ## Most of the best tides for weekend bookings have been snaffled up well in advance by the Guys in the know. Book early. ## Never order bait in advance unless you are sure of the weather, it can be fickle, talk to us first, local tackle shops normally have a supply that can be picked up on the day. ## Bring clothes for all seasons, even in the Summer it can get very cold at sea. You can always take off a layer if it turns out warm, you can't put it on if you haven't got it with you. ## Sun screen is a must at sea, you've no shade and the sun can be strong, without feeling hot,- remember to make sure you wash it off your hands before touching your bait, the fish really don't like it! ## If you want to try something different with a group of friends, give us a try, so long as it's legal, we're happy to help.

How to book The African Queen.

** You should telephone us on the boat and confirm that the dates you wish to charter are available.
** On confirmation you will be asked to send a 50 deposit if the charter is an advance booking for the full Boat on a half day trip, or 100 for an.all day trip.
** On receipt we will confirm your booking and give details of the charter with full boarding
** No charter is finally reserved until the deposit has been received.

What To Bring

Stowage space is limited so please do not bring more than is necessary. Please bring soft-soled shoes or boots, warm clothing and waterproofs. Tea and coffee is provided free of charge throughout the day.

Safety Equipment & Procedure's

The African Queen is equipped with life-rafts, life jackets and full safety equipment to the new Department of Transport code of practice category 2, 60 miles. Our aim on all charters is to ensure you have a lot of fun, but basic rules have to be followed to ensure the safety of the African Queen, her crew and her charter party, Your actions whilst on board will greatly contribute to the safety of you and your crew.