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African Queen
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South Devon


2022 Prices

Fishing, General Charter, Birthdays, Picnics, Bird watching Trips, Family pleasure trips, Coastal & River Cruises, Film Work, Ashes To Sea Service. You should find all our relevent charges in  the list below, if not then please don't hesitate to give us a call. We can tailor your day to suit your plans or ideas.

Whole Boat Exclusive Charter 4hrs, Inshore Fishing. Max. 12 persons 4 Hour 200.00
Whole Boat Exclusive Charter 8hrs, Inshore Fishing. Max. 12 persons 8 Hour Day 350.00
Whole Boat Exclusive Charter 10hrs, Inshore Fishing. Max. 12 persons 10 Hour Day 400.00
Whole Boat Exclusive Charter 12hrs, Inshore Fishing. Max. 12 persons. 12 Hour Day 450.00
Whole Boat Exclusive Charter Wreck Fishing,8/10/12 Hour Trips Offshore Price dependant on time and distance. 10 Max.

8hrs to 12hrs

450.00 to 600
Whole Boat Exclusive Charter 4hrs, Wreck Fishing. 10 Max. *(see note) Half Day 250.00
Individual Adult, Inshore Fishing. All Day 45.00
Individual Adult, Inshore Fishing. Half Day 30.00
Individual Adult, Offshore Wrecking. All Day 45/60
Individual Adult, Inshore Wrecking. Half Day 35.00
Rod, Reel and tackle Inclusive for Inshore fishing. You only Pay for lost tackle.  


Rod Reel and tackle Hire Rate, Wreck fishing. Plus lost tackle.   7.50 per day

* Half day offshore wreck fishing is not viable because of the distance (time) involved in getting out there. Inshore Wrecking is available for half days (up to 6 miles from Port)