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2018 Monthly Report/News

For anyone who is interested, you can find previous years diary's here.
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January 2018, Nothing to report at the moment, 2018 tide tables are now in so bookings can be organized. I intend to antifoul and refit the boat this February as normal and be up and running by March to coincide with the Spring run of Plaice. Most updates regarding the fishing will be via Facebook as we did last year, it seems to be the modern prefered way as updates can take place in miutes from the Boat whilst still at sea. Click the link and have a look.

February 2017, Have had the new boat for 2 years now and she has proved to be a very worthy craft. We have enjoyed some excellent fishing through 2016, both on the Skerries for the Plaice, Turbot and Ray and we have had some of the best wreck fishing for years, lets hope for plenty of the same this year with a bit better weather. I have had the boat lifted out at Noss marina for her winter refit this month, new anodes, anti fouling wash and brush up etc. and am now back in the water looking forward to a new season. If you want to see what we got up to last year click on the 2016 button above to access last years diary, I shall put up this years pictures as and when we catch or see something worth sharing. Don't forget you do not need to book the whole boat as a group, we take individuals or small groups up to a maximum of 12 persons per trip. We are now taking bookings for the 2017 season and hope to welcome back our old customers and continue to meet new ones.


Some pictures of the boat being lifted at Noss Marina for this winters refit.

March, Not a lot to report on the fishing front at the moment, as normally happens early in the year a lot of the trips we have had booked so far have coincided with poor weather again. We have also had a 25 foot Humpback Whale charging around the Bay for the last 5 weeks, although it is good to see an animal like this close in and feeding I will have to say that I am not sure if this has not had a bearing on the poor fishing we have experienced so far this year. We normally see good numbers of Plaice in March and April, we are catching, but not the amount that we are used to seeing at this time of year. Here is a link to a news story regarding the Whale


Mid/Late May, much improved fishing at long last. We seem to have got rid of these Easterly winds, for a while at least, and we are now seeing some decent Plaice fishing on the Banks. Some very good fish and some decent numbers on the odd days.

Mackerel are now quite abundant so fresh bait not a problem. Lets hope the improvements to the fishing are here to stay.

Some nice Gurnard and the first of the Whiting are now around, we have also had our first couple of Turbot for a bit of variety.

June/July Plaice are finally in in good numbers. Some excellent days when the weather is right. The odd Turbot showing, some decent Ray and the odd visitor like this Tope we picked up on Plaice gear, lots of fun before he ended up in the net.

The girls have been out showing us how to do it again, some nice fish to my female anglers.


Found a new mark which is coming up with some decent Bull Huss, a few Conger and shed loads of Doggies, good fun, out the wind and enjoyable to anglers who like to catch fish that might not make the freezer.



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