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2014 Monthly Report/News

For anyone who is interested, you can find the previous years diary's here.
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January 2014. I always seem to start the new diary on a negative note, this is the first line from last years diary and is just as relevant this year as last. 'Nothing much to report yet unfortunately, the weather is just diabolical, winds are consistently strong and are stopping us from taking advantage of the few bookings we actually get at this time of year.' As you must know, unless you have been abroad, the gales have been of epic proportions, the rain likewise, no end to either it would seem. Much of the South coast has been re-lanscaped with the power of the winter storms so I will leave you with some pictures of last years efforts and delete, and replace them as we get into the new fishing year. Last, and previous years diary's can be found under the relevant year's (button) if you want to see what we get up to. We are taking booking's now for the year ahead, if you are looking at booking a day with us don't leave it too long or else the best tides will be taken by the ones in the know
04 February We recorded 75.7 knts (83.27 mph) winds tonight at Froward Point (mouth of the river Dart) Absolutly horrendous storm, with rain, lots of it. See below a picture of the wave bouy readout off Tor Cross in Start Bay. I think this must be a record for wave height

Time (GMT) Latitude Longitude Wave Height (m) Max Wave Height (m) Tpeak (s) Tz (s) Mean Direction (degrees) Spread (degrees) Sea Temp (°C)
21:00 50.29266 -3.61566 4.48 7.15 9.1 6.8 153 25 9.6


14th Feb, 81.7 knots (89.87 mph) of wind in Dartmouth. When is this going to end?

11th March, As most of our customers will be aware, the African Queen suffered a catastrophic fire in March of 2014. The fire destroyed this beautiful old classic vessel which had been our home and business for the last 14 years. It has taken us a long time to recover from the trauma of this event but I am happy to report that we have purchased a new boat, which will also be called African Queen, She will be finished her extensive refit and ready to go to work by May this year. I will be posting pictures of our new vessel as and when the new boat is ready for her photo shoot. We are now taking bookings for the 2015 season and hope to welcome back our old customers and continue to meet new ones. We would both like to once again thank everyone who has supported us through this difficult last year, we could not have done it alone.





Phil Pickle at it again. This fish was returned after this picture was taken. Well done Phil.













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